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Moon Carrot - Walkabout & Character Entertainment

Moon Carrot's Walkabout, Stilt and mix'n mingle characters are great for outdoor events or crowded spaces where entertainment on the move reaches the greatest number of people. Moon Carrot offer stilts, close-up magic and balloon twisting as part of their walkabout acts and have performed at Balls, Festivals and similar events with great success..

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Moon Carrot have many different costumes and characters. Popular walkabout characters include:

Victorian & Edwardian

Moon Carrot perform as stiltwalking and ground based victorian characters
including Chimney Sweeps, Barrel Organists and Victorian Flower Girl and Victorian Gent.
Don't forget Mr Moon's most popular character PC Persuasion a comedy victorian policeman on a Penny Farthing Bicycle.
Or the fabulous Moon Carrot Flea Circus with it's specially trained performing Fleas - it has to be seen to be believed.


Moon Carrot perform medieval puppet shows from their special moveable medieval puppet cart, this includes 2 performers and beautiful puppetry sets and medieval style hand puppets in:

'The Legend of Castle Theobald'

plus walkabout medieval comedy magic from Mr Moon


Moon Carrot are the Cowardly Pirates.
They can perform walkabout as ground or stilt pirate characters
Great when combined with their pirate puppet show:

'Capt Codswallops Treasure Hunt'

perfect for Maritime and Seaside themed events